5 Ways to Improve Your Employees’ Productivity at Your Workplace

There is a famous quote – If you want to win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace. You may have heard this quote before. It was said by Doug Conant, who is an internationally renowned business leader. Indeed, a company’s success and productivity are related to the productivity of its employees. Every company has some goals that they wish to achieve. To do that, make sure that the employees working in your company reach their target and bring productivity to your company. Employees’ needs have changed notably over time. It is now more essential to fulfill their needs. You must provide your employees with a conducive work environment to improve their workplace productivity.

Employee engagement plays an important role in determining employee productivity within an organization. In very simple terms, if your employees are work-driven, if your employees look forward to coming to work every morning, then they will give their best and work harder to improve their productivity. If your company has snuffy and dissatisfied employees who slack at work, they will bring productivity down.

So below we have mentioned 5 ways which you can use to improve employee productivity at your workplace.

1. Begin with a Clear Vision and Mission

As an employer, your vision should be clear, and you must know the goals you want to achieve. If you make any promises, then you must keep them. You should never over-promise and under-deliver. This is not a sign of an excellent leader. You should hold weekly meetings with your employees to know how the work is going on and if they need any help. You must have the ability to motivate and inspire employees to work as productively as possible. Keep reminding your team about their roles and what the goal of the company is.

2. Positive and Healthy Environment for Your Employees

Creating a comfortable vibe is crucial to improve productivity in employees. Choosing the right colors, comfortable furniture, office lighting, greenery, are some basic things that can create a positive working environment, and you should know about it. Your office environment should be healthy and stress-free. Nobody likes to work in a toxic or negative environment. A positive work environment will make employees feel good about coming to work.

Sometimes people need acknowledgment, appreciation, and gratitude to be motivated. Recognizing someone in public for a job well done can make an enormous difference. Most professionals quit their jobs because of a lack of appreciation at the workplace. So, you must acknowledge your employees when they do well. This will not only motivate them but create a positive environment for others also. Thus, the employees will keep working harder.

3. Promote a Healthy Balance Between Professionalism and Fun

A 9 to 5 job is not an easy one. Employees should get time to relax a little. It is very hard to work continuously without taking a break. Without breaks, staying focused and motivated is very hard. Taking brief breaks between tasks can clear your head, and you will also feel refreshed. If you are feeling lazy, go for a coffee break or a short walk or do anything that will calm and clear your mind.

If your time management is poor, then your work will suffer. Even machines also need rest. And you are human, your body needs rest. Not resting can have terrible consequences. You will lose focus and concentration. Your stress and anxiety levels will rise. Your neck and back will start giving you trouble. If you keep working for long hours without taking any break, then you will start having physical and mental health problems. As an employer, ask your employees to take short breaks.

4. Give Employees Multiple Opportunities to Voice Their Concerns

An employee opinion survey is a powerful survey that you can use to understand the level of satisfaction of the employees. Employees who are not satisfied with their job will have very low productivity, which is bad for business. In the survey, you can ask many questions like;

  • Are you satisfied with your job?
  • Do you know your tasks and role?
  • Do you feel connected to your coworkers?
  • Is the work distributed evenly across your team?
  • Anything that you are not happy with and want to be changed?

And many more. Taking feedbacks and surveys will show that you are an excellent leader, and you care about your employees too.

5. Improve office communication

Everyone knows teamwork makes the dream work. If you want your business to be successful, then your employees must share the same vision. There are many ways to improve teamwork among your employees. Employee outing is one way. It is not only fun, but it also helps in team bonding and reducing workplace stress. It will help everyone to know each other.

New employees are sometimes shy. Some may be hesitant to speak to their seniors. You can introduce the new employee to the old ones. If a new employee arrives, you must make sure that they feel welcome in the workplace, and equal with their new colleagues. A boat can only move forward if everyone is rowing in the same direction.


As an employer, you are responsible for the overall success of your business. There are certain duties that an employer must know about. So keep these things in mind, it will not only improve the productivity of your employees, but it will also help your business in many unthinkable ways.

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