6 Tools That Can Make Setting Up an Online Business Easier

Are you planning to start a new business online? And you don’t know which tools to use? It is all covered here! Right from content management to marketing, you will find a list of tools for maximizing productivity. Now you no longer have to search the web to figure the best tools with optimum features. All you need to do is go through the below list and find the essential tools that can make setting up an online business easier. 

So, let us start!

1. Google Drive or Docs for File Sharing and Storage

Right after opening your e-business, managing the back-end work becomes necessary. Sharing and maintaining files on a unified platform can help you and your teammates for seamless work. 

With a dynamic web-based software for sharing and storing office files, you can expand the productivity manifold. Google’s Drive is a free to use tool that helps your business upload records without any hassle. 

Working on Google Docs helps you combine all the tasks and find other editing and collaboration tools within it. Also, Google allows a company to extensively use its storage, organize and share files with anyone, anywhere!

2. WordPress – Application Programming Interface for Content Management

As soon as you start your online business with website hosting, the next step moves towards designing your content. Creating unique content out of the millions available online helps you define your business in the crowd. A content management tool is essential to assist you in building an online presence. 

WordPress is a popular and top-notch programming interface for managing your content efficiently. It has customizable features, endless resources, and plug-ins help you develop the best content across the web!

Along with content development, content marketing also gets broader limelight as you need to grab your target audience. If you know how to create a successful content marketing strategy, you can gather more attention in digital arenas.

3. Moz or SEMrush for Digital Marketing

Marketing your brand and measuring SEO metrics is essential if you have launched an online business. Gaining popularity does not happen overnight, and through online marketing tools, you can get an edge!

Learning the best actionable digital marketing strategies helps to stand ahead of competitors. With tools like Moz and SEMrush, you can easily check the SEO metrics. It offers you a plethora of marketing products and services that help you to skyrocket your website.

4. Skype for Initiating Business Communication and Meetings

Once you have accomplished your consumer communications, it is time to take care of internal talks. Initiating corporate conversations and meetings become necessary for business expansion.

Skype is a viable tool for VOIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) calling. It allows initiating internal communications and conducting meetings with clients. Its free voice and video call feature help entrepreneurs build relations stronger with time. 

Also, you can share screens with your teammates or clients in the premium version of Skype. It is a complete package of networking for businesses occurring at a virtual place!

5. Upwork or Fiverr for Outsourcing Work

Outsourcing tasks is a crucial component in an online business when you work with limited resources. At the introductory phase, one may not have all the essentials due to budget constraints. Thus, availing assistance through outsourcing can help to maximize your productivity. 

Fiverr and Upwork are two top-rated sites to reach out to freelancers. From software development, web hosting to content writing, you are an inch closer to a plethora of talented freelancers. 

With a seamless hiring process and authentic information, you will end up reaching the desired candidate. Moreover, you do not require excess funds as you are not hiring a full-time professional. So, keep outsourcing sites in your checklist if you have marked your online business journey!

6. Trello Project Management

As you land up in expanding your online business, project coordinators help you list all the essentials. You can track upcoming and ongoing projects with project management software that are an absolute necessity!

Trello is a vital project management tool that helps to calendar events and keep project records. With Trello, you can never go wrong as it makes team collaboration easier.

Before Wrap Up!

As the business grows online, these tools will be a show turner! Never miss out on these tools that can make setting up an online business easier and add your research too if you are planning to make it big online.

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